Welcome to APE

Advanced Proenergy Co., Limited is a leading innovator and producer of power solutions headquartered in the city of Shenzhen, China. At Advanced Proenergy Co., Limited, we manufacture batteries made from the most durable metals such as lithium ion-batteries for all forms of modern technology. We supply a wide range of global companies across various industries with unique and reliable power sources on demand, focusing on sustainability and efficiency.

Our semiconductors, batteries and numerous other products can be found in today’s smartphones, vehicles, drones, machinery and many other electronic devices. We are also excited to be entering the virtual reality and smart-home appliances markets, as we move forward into new territory to power progress and drive developments.

We never stop innovating, enabling us to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of consumers, with our dedicated team of experts striving to make our power solutions more efficient and capable of delivering greater performances. By constantly improving our products and the technologies we use throughout the production process, we aim to maintain our position at the forefront of industry.

With demand for batteries and alternative power sources growing, we anticipate long-term growth throughout the next decade and beyond. We invest in our human resources, research and development, and general operations to ensure we stay ahead of the curve and are able to meet and exceed global expectations.