Thermal Energy Harvesting

Over the years, we have revolutionized, improved our power solutions through extensive research and development, enhancing materials and providing the end user with a better experience. One area we have focused on is the conversion of heat into electricity.

The energy produced through this process is essentially collected from the environment and can be used to power a host of machines and devices. Advanced Proenergy’s thermal energy harvesting technology and associated materials provide viable long-term sources of renewable, clean energy.

As the world moves towards green and renewable energy to replace fossil fuels, we anticipate the demand for this kind of power source will greatly increase. As we eye sustainable forms of clean energy, we aim to provide revolutionary power solutions to governments and companies around the world.

The thermal energy harvesting devices we produce and the technology we possess will become increasingly important in the coming years and decades, as they offer efficient, cost-effective sources of infinite energy for use across a range of industries and markets. They can be used to power both the manufacturing of products and the products themselves. At Advanced Proenergy Co., Limited, we are excited about the future opportunities the energy shift will bring.