Executive Management

Steven Chen

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Steven Chen is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Proenergy Co., Limited and founded the company in 2013. From the beginning, Steven has had a hands-on approach, overseeing the company’s progress and maintaining an in-depth understanding of key aspects and operations of the company. He ensures the smooth day-to-day running of the business, keeping members of the board apprised of developments and providing valuable insights to inform decisions and the direction of the company.

Prior to establishing Advanced Proenergy Co., Limited, Steven held a board-level position at Desay Battery Co in Guangdong, rising to the position over his more than 10 years of service at the company, and worked as head of business development at Chindata Group in Beijing, overseeing their international expansion efforts.

Steven Chen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics and MBA in Computer Science from China’s Guanghua School of Management.

Josephine Tseng

Chief Financial Officer

Josephine Tseng has been our Chief Financial Officer since 2013. She is responsible for our accounting practices, financial planning, taxation and analysis of local, regional and international developments. Through her in-depth reports and under her solid financial stewardship, Advanced Proenergy Co., Limited has significantly expanded operations and its global reputation. Her comprehensive forecasts and detailed understanding of diverse markets and industries inform our long-term and short-term strategy, with her extensive knowledge a great asset to the company.

Josephine has more than four decades of experience in finance, working in Europe and Asia for renowned firms. She began her career in Japan at Shinsei Bank, eventually rising to become the head of their regional investment department over the course of her 11 years there. She later went on to become the deputy chief financial officer at Deutsche Börse in Germany and director of finance in Siemens’ operations in France.

Josephine obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Business and Accounting from the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in China and her Master’s degree in International Finance from Japan’s Kyoto University.

Alistair Tan

Chief Technology Officer

Alistair Tan, our Chief Technology Officer since 2014, oversees the imperative research and development of our batteries and the accompanying innovations. Directing engineering and technical operations by working closely with the relevant departments, Alistair has been at the forefront of our efforts to maintain a leading position in the industry. He has been at the center of significant improvements to many of our products through a desire to innovate and push boundaries.

Throughout his career, he has held highly respected positions in international companies. He was a senior researcher at Daicel Corporation in Japan and led the innovations department at Hyundai Heavy Industries in South Korea before joining Advanced Proenergy Co., Limited. He has accrued broad knowledge and expertise, working with renowned developers across various industries.

Alistair attained his Bachelor of Science degree in Creative Technologies from the Seoul National University of Science and Technology and later went on to secure his Master’s degree in Electrochemistry and Battery Technologies from Yonsei University.

Mark Zhou

Chief Operations Officer

Mark Zhou is the Chief Operations Officer at Advanced Proenergy Co., Limited. With us since 2015, he is responsible for maintaining manufacturing efficiency, ensuring the consistent quality of our products and seeing that orders are fulfilled on time. With his broad knowledge of best practices within a range of companies, he has played a leading role in the development of internal strategies and policies to improve how we operate.

With over 30 years of experience, he has implemented important structural changes that have increased productivity and enhanced our products, streamlining production processes while introducing stringent quality control measures to guarantee the consistently high quality of our products.

Spending much of his career in North America, he has worked alongside seasoned professionals and experts within some of the largest companies in the world. He has worked in senior management positions at General Motors and Essentra Components and became the director of operations at Mouser Electronics in the United States.

Mark earned his Bachelor’s degree in Operations Management from Fudan University in China before obtaining his Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management and Logistics from the University of Pennsylvania.