Bluetooth Coin Cell Battery

Today’s Bluetooth systems offer consumers uninterrupted wireless connectivity, have advanced security features, deliver a quality performance on the move, and are becoming increasingly energy efficient.

Advanced Proenergy’s research shows that the annual demand for Bluetooth-equipped devices around the world will rise by between 20% and 30% in 2021. With this forecasted increase in demand and the ongoing enhancements of Bluetooth systems, we have invested substantial resources, particularly in research and development, to optimally utilize this evolving technology and innovate further.

We have increased the production of our Bluetooth coin cell batteries to meet growing demand and are working to increase our capacity to manufacture them. Our Bluetooth coin cell batteries, with their simple design, constant power distribution levels and long lifespan (up to 10 years) are used by some of the most renowned manufacturers of consumer electronics in the world.

The Bluetooth coin cell batteries we produce at Advanced Proenergy Co., Limited:

  • Transmit and receive power
  • Consistently perform at high levels
  • Deliver consistent power levels
  • Are energy efficient
  • Have smart locks
  • Support a range of products and applications