Investor Relations

For years, Advanced Proenergy Co., Limited has been pushing the boundaries of industry and operating on the frontiers of technology, innovating and revolutionizing products for use around the world in everything from smartphones to industrial machinery.

We strive to maintain our position as a leader in power solutions, investing heavily in research and development, employing expert professionals throughout the company, and ensuring the quality of every battery for the end consumer.

Exciting times are ahead; as the world shifts its focus to more efficient and effective power solutions and away from fossil fuels, we at Advanced Proenergy Co., Limited are well placed to take advantage and maintain our position as a leader in battery and power technology manufacturing.

With a wide range of products incorporating various materials being used in machines, equipment, devices and vehicles around the world, we anticipate that as each industry evolves, so too will their requirements for power solutions. That’s why we are flexible and versatile in everything we do, from research and development to design and production.

With our operations located in China, we also have access to an abundance of the materials and metals we require to manufacture our products. The cost of acquiring them is also comparatively low, allowing us to pass this onto clients and consumers to maintain our competitive edge over other companies.

At Advanced Proenergy Co., Limited, we see a future of continued growth and success, with a dedicated workforce, the availability of materials, quality products and a solid general base on which to build on. We are always looking for investors who would like to join us on our journey into the future of power solutions. If you are interested in becoming an investor with us, please contact our investor relations department for more information.