DC-DC Power Module

The DC-DC power modules we produce at Advanced Proenergy Co., Limited can generate up to 7kVDC and deliver consistently high levels of energy output and voltage. Our modules can be found in various machinery and semi-conductors around the world and across industries.

These power modules allow for the complete incremental control of power output, anywhere from 200VDC to 7kVDC, within a 20V to 30V input range. They are also extremely versatile, being used primarily in industrial equipment, but also powering computers and the telecommunications industry.

With superior performance, reliable power regulation, consistent output and complete, safe user control of power flow, Advanced Proenergy’s DC-DC power modules are among the top performers in the industry.

With today’s technology, our power modules can even be remotely monitored and integrate easily into various systems due to their size and power versatility. Operating optimally in temperatures between -40 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius, they perform in the most demanding of environments.