Gallium Nitride Fast Chargers

As part of efforts to offer more efficient and more effective power solutions, we have developed gallium nitride chargers which enable the charging of electronic devices, such as smartphones, laptops and other devices, up to 20 times faster than traditional silicon-based chargers.

Our unique and reliable gallium nitride chargers can tolerate higher levels of power passing through, and a wider band-gap enables more energy to pass through them than conventional chargers. Gallium nitride chargers are also more efficient and can be made much smaller than traditional chargers, making them incredibly sought-after by the younger technology-driven generations constantly on the move.

All these improvements made over traditional silicon-based chargers also come with no deficits in the capacity, performance or lifespan of the recipient batteries in the devices being charged.

Our gallium nitride chargers work via USB at a wattage of between 30 and 55 watts, and have a wide range of applications, from automobiles to consumer electronics.