Research & Development

Innovation is in our DNA. From the early days of Advanced Proenergy Co., Limited until now, we have strived to innovate by researching new ideas, developing existing products and enhancing the properties of power systems. We constantly push the boundaries of current technology, powering the engine of industry and building on the past to step into the future.

Our focus on research and development has seen Advanced Proenergy Co., Limited become a leading international supplier of high-quality power solutions, with our efforts significantly improving the durability and performance of lithium-ion batteries, and leading competitors around the world in supplying to conglomerates in the areas of information technology, manufacturing, consumer electronics and science.

Our intensive research and development operations never cease, with our team striving every day to enhance our products and maintain our position at the vanguard of industry. We are never satisfied with the status quo, with our dedicated team researching, developing and innovating to pioneer new technologies and bring the future closer to today.

Our long-term vision depends on enhancing and improving the performance and properties of our current products. Sustained growth is derived from sustained success, and only through continual efforts to improve our power solutions with new technologies can we continue to grow.