Lithium-Sulphur Batteries

The lithium-sulfur batteries we manufacture at Advanced Proenergy Co., Limited are the result of incredible innovation and development of existing technologies to improve performance while maintaining safety and durability. Our lithium-sulfur batteries maintain an efficiency rate in excess of 99% for more than 240 charging cycles and promise over five times the power capacity of lithium-ion batteries.

Among industry experts, it is considered that this form of battery could transform the future of a host of industries, not least the automobile, information technology and consumer electronics industries.

The economical material of sulfur has a lower weight than lithium ions (used to manufacture traditional lithium-ion batteries) yet has a greater overload tolerance. When compared with other elements used in batteries today, sulfur can be acquired at a lower cost, ultimately making the batteries cheaper to produce, with the cost savings passed on to consumers.

With the approaching transition to renewable energy sources from fossil fuels, battery capacity will become increasingly important, and thus high-performing, high-capacity and affordable sulfur-based batteries, it is believed, will see a huge rise in demand.

With this in mind, we are continually seeking to develop our existing lithium-sulfur batteries and preemptively expand our capacity and ability to produce these batteries in growing anticipation of future increases in demand around the world, particularly in more advanced countries.